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General Answers

Can I sync my drug data across multiple devices?

Yes – simply subscribe to the Pro edition with CloudSync. The Dosecast CloudSync service automatically keeps all your drug data up-to-date across an unlimited number of Apple and Android devices and enables dose reminders to be delivered to all devices simultaneously – even across platforms.

I already purchased a license of Dosecast in the past, but I had to reinstall the app. How do I avoid paying again?

You can restore your purchase without paying again:

  • Open Dosecast and tap on the settings (gear) button
  • At the top of the page, look at the ‘Edition’ entry to see the edition you have.
  • If you have the Free edition, tap on the ‘Edition’ option
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap the ‘Restore Past Purchase’ button

I’m not receiving reminders from the app when I expected. Why not?

If Dosecast is not providing reminders as expected, first, check the main screen of Dosecast and take note of the “next dose” times for the drugs for which you’re not receiving reminders. Does the next-dose time match when you expect to receive the next reminder?

  • If the next-dose time matches the time you expect to receive a reminder:
    1. on the Edit Drug screen, check to ensure Reminders are set to On;
    2. on the general Dosecast Settings screen, ensure you have a Reminder Tone set to something other than silent;
    3. ensure the drug is not Archived;
    4. if you have any programs installed that claim to be “battery savers” or “memory savers” on your device, either uninstall them, or add Dosecast as an exception. These programs work by stopping other programs from running and can prevent Dosecast from running when the time of a reminder arrives;
    5. if you have recently upgraded Dosecast to a more recent version, or it auto-updated from the app store, make sure to run Dosecast at least once manually so that its reminders start running again after being stopped for the ugprade
  • If the next-dose time does not match the time you expect to receive a reminder:
    1. check to ensure the frequency of dose is set to what you expect; if weekly, make sure you’ve selected all the days of the week you wish to receive reminders.
    2. if the next-dose time is always one dose ahead (e.g. showing tomorrow’s dose instead of today’s), you may have accidentally recorded a dose twice. On the general Dosecast Settings screen, ensure Prevent Early Doses is set to On and the reminders should return on the next cycle. Alternatively, if you subscribe to the Pro edition with CloudSync, you can get back on track immediately by editing the drug’s history and deleting the most recent history entry showing the drug was taken early.

Does subscribing to the Pro edition with CloudSync on one platform (iOS or Android) allow me to get the upgrade on the other platform without paying again?

Yes! Simply subscribe on one platform, and on the other platform, use the CloudSync options on the Settings screen to move this device to the other platform’s account.

I’ve subscribed to the Pro edition with CloudSync. Can I get a refund?

The Free edition can be used for an unlimited time so you can evaluate Dosecast before upgrading, and we offer free 7-day trials of the Pro edition with CloudSync. However, we do not offer subscription refunds at this time.

Can I use Dosecast from the web?

No. Dosecast can only be used from iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

Why is Dosecast asking for permission to access my contacts, make phone calls, and access the SD card?

The Pro edition with CloudSync allows you to link a Doctor and Pharmacy with each drug. The program accesses your contacts to allow you to select your Doctor and Pharmacy. Dosecast also allows you to call them directly from the app by tapping on their contact information from within the Drug Information screen. Dosecast never makes phone calls under any other circumstances.

On Dosecast for Android, we access the SD card so you can make backups of your data and move your data to a new phone.

Is there a way to print my drug information?

Not directly from the app, but you can email the drug list to yourself, then print the list from your email program. To email your drug list, tap the email (envelope) icon on the bottom of the main screen.

When multiple doses are due at the same time, can I enter different actions for each — for example, take one but skip another?

Yes! If multiple doses are due, but you want to enter a different action for each, simply tap one of the 3 buttons on the reminder (take, skip, or postpone) and then tap the ‘more’ button. Then you’ll be able to enter an action for one dose but not another.

I take different dosages at different times of the day. Is there a way to enter this?

Not directly, no. The best workaround is to create two separate entries for the drug (e.g., “Aspirin — AM” and “Aspirin — PM”). However, this can be confusing if you are using Dosecast to track inventory.

Is there a way to enter a tapering or weaning dose, i.e., one that gets smaller over time?

Not currently, no. We are looking into adding this in the future.

When a reminder for multiple doses pops up, is it possible to take some doses and postpone or skip others?

Yes. You can apply different actions to reminders that pop up at the same time. For example, if four doses are due, and you want to skip two doses and take two others:

  1. In the initial pop-up reminder screen, tap “Skip Doses”
  2. Tap “More…”
  3. A screen will appear with a list of all overdue doses. Select the doses you’d like to skip and tap “Save”.
  4. The reminder screen will pop up again, this time with just two doses displayed.
  5. Tap “Take Doses”

You can execute the actions in any order you like.

iOS Answers

I don’t see or hear a reminder when one is due. What should I do?

Your device is not allowing Dosecast to receive notifications. To resolve this:

    • From the home screen, open the Settings app
    • Tap on the ‘General’ entry and then on the ‘About’ entry
    • Look at the ‘Version’ entry and note the version of the iOS you are using (the first digit you see) – then go back 2 screens
    • If you are using iOS 6 or iOS 8:

      – Tap on the ‘Notifications’ entry and scroll down and tap on the ‘Dosecast’ entry

      – Verify that the alert style is set to either ‘Banners’ or ‘Alerts’

      – Verify that ‘Badge App Icon’ and ‘Sounds’ are both on

    • If you are using iOS 7:

      – Tap on the ‘Notification Center’ entry and scroll down and tap on the ‘Dosecast’ entry

      – Verify that the alert style is set to either ‘Banners’ or ‘Alerts’

      – Verify that ‘Badge App Icon’, ‘Sounds’, ‘Show in Notification Center’, and ‘Show on Lock Screen’ are all on

How do I disable Dosecast reminder sounds?

To disable Dosecast reminder sounds:

  • From the home screen, open the Settings app
  • Tap on the ‘Notifications’ entry
  • Scroll down and tap on the ‘Dosecast’ entry
  • Switch ‘Sounds’ to off

When adding a new drug, the app says it has reached the limit of the number of reminders that can be set. What can I do?

This is due to a limit in the underlying Apple operating system which limits the number of alarms that applications may set. There are a number of workarounds you can try for each drug – which are listed below. The more drugs you apply these workarounds to, the more reminders you will free up:

  • Delete or archive drugs
  • Turn off secondary reminders
  • Remove the ending date
  • For drugs taken on a schedule:
    • Reduce the number of times of day
    • If the frequency is set to weekly, reduce the number of weekdays
    • If the frequency is set to every X days/weeks (the last frequency option), switch to a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency

The Android version of Dosecast does not have this limitation.

I upgraded to the Pro edition with CloudSync, but I see no way to set the Doctor or Pharmacy.

This occasionally happens if Dosecast was not given permission to access your contacts. To fix:

  • Open the Settings app (not Dosecast)
  • Tap on the Privacy option
  • Tap on the Contacts option
  • Make sure the Dosecast switch is on

Android Answers

Is there a way to back up and restore my data to my SD card?

Yes. From Dosecast’s main screen, tap the Gear icon. Under the section Security and Privacy, you will see an option to back up your data to the SD card, and one to restore the backup from the SD card.

I’m upgrading my phone. Can I transfer my data to my new phone?


  • Sign up for a free trial of the Pro service.
  • On the old phone — the one with the data — go to the Utilities menu (gear icon) and choose “Generate sync code”.
  • On the new phone — the one with no Dosecast data — go to the Utilities menu (gear icon) and choose “Enter sync code”.
  • Data should appear on the new phone. Any changes on one phone should now appear on the other phone.
  • If you wish only to do a one-time transfer of data without using sync service long term, you may cancel the Pro service within 7 days to avoid being charged.