Dosecast Testimonials

“I am heavily pregnant and my due date is actually today. I actually installed Dosecast so that after the birth I have a way of tracking what medicine I take when – particularly for painkillers that you have to take every few hours. However, the app has proved to be extremely useful right away as I’m currently suffering from a lot of back and pelvis/hip pain which means that I need to take paracetamol every 4 hours and have also been put on anti-depressants due to stress and other factors. Dosecast has completely taken the stress out of taking pills as I get a nice little reminder at the appropriate time. I love that I can choose to postpone or skip a dose.

I intend to keep using the app for birth control and other day to day drugs (and for my children if they need calpol or something) even after I’m not taking any regular painkillers.

Fantastic app. Great help to my life!”

    – Abi Shepherd, Farnham, Surrey, UK

“In May of ’09, I was the victim in an accident of a traumatic brain injury and the regimen of care requires a closely maintained cocktail of drugs. Dosecast has made the maintenance of this course of treatment easy to follow and, because the short term memory loss I’ve suffered, difficult for me to forget a medication. It is simple to use and very intuitive. I had my schedule of drugs entered in less than five minutes and had no trouble maintaining the schedule. Thanks, Dosecast, for your efforts on a fantastic application.”

    – J. Dale Himebaugh, San Antonio, Texas

“My wife just had surgery and she has found Dosecast to be a blessing. It helps remind her to take her pain medication on time, and without it, staying ahead of pain can be a challenge. (It’s one of the reasons nurses pester you through the night while in the hospital.) Thanks, Dosecast, for making her pain-free recovery a reality!”

    – Gordon Barton, Twin Falls, Idaho

“I had a major issue complying with epilepsy medication, which I need to take every 4 hours. Aside from occasionally forgetting to take my medication, I might accidentally forget that I’ve already taken a dose and re-take it – which can be dangerous. Since installing Dosecast and setting up a reminder, I now always take my medication safely and on time. Thanks, Dosecast!”

    – Anthony Desmond, San Jose, California

“I’ve looked into nearly all apps available for medication reminders and Dosecast is the best in terms of a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface.”

    – Alexandra Peters, Montreal, Quebec, Canada