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The impact of medication adherence among the chronically ill

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Empower patients to improve their health through better medication adherence – while getting visibility into patient behavior and reducing preventable readmissions. Now that’s a win-win.

Dosecast is a medication management app for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices that tracks and improves medication adherence. Dosecast empowers patients to manage their diseases more effectively. It provides real-time visibility into patient behavior, helping providers reduce preventable readmissions and costly CMS penalties.

With Dosecast, patients:

  • Enter basic information about each medication they take, such as the name, dosage, and how and when they take it. Medication regimens can also be pre-populated for patients automatically by EMRs.
  • Setup reminders on a fixed schedule, at intervals, or as needed.
  • Adapt the dose schedule to their changing day, taking a dose early or postponing it as long as needed.
  • Track remaining quantities, receive refill reminders, and log adherence.

Empower patients to manage their medication adherence

Patients, especially those with chronic conditions, often struggle to adhere to complex medication regimens. Studies have shown that medication non-adherence for chronically ill patients is 50% or higher1, resulting in about $310 billion annually in additional healthcare cost in the US2. Tools to help patients manage their diseases play an important role in keeping them healthy, empowering them to take ownership of their diseases and maintain healthy behaviors.

With Dosecast, patients track and adhere to the most complex medication regimen on their smartphone or tablet with just a few taps, wherever they are.

Get real-time visibility into patient behavior

Waiting for the next patient consultation to detect adherence issues misses opportunities to target at-risk patients and take early action to promote adherence. In addition, anecdotal adherence outcomes are notoriously unreliable and make it difficult to get an accurate picture of patient behavior.

As medications are entered into Dosecast and reminders are sent, a central server provides accurate and real-time intelligence on medication usage and adherence across your entire patient base, identifying those at risk for non-adherence.

Empowered with this information, providers can take prompt action to promote adherence before costly health impacts surface.

With Dosecast, patients always have their complete medication history on their mobile devices, enabling clinicians to coordinate care by viewing the medication list and adherence record at a glance to take action.

Reduce preventable readmissions through simpler medication reconciliation

Researchers have estimated up to 19% of hospital readmissions are caused by post-discharge adverse events, of which between one-third3 and two-thirds4 are related to medication and/or non-adherence. New CMS regulations in the Affordable Care Act are now penalizing hospitals with high readmission rates, and numerous private payers are following suit.

As a result, hospitals are performing medication reconciliation, the process of comparing a patient’s medication orders against medications being taken, as part of discharge planning and transitional patient care. Dosecast simplifies medication reconciliation by providing instant visibility into the list of current medications, remaining quantities, and adherence history.

What makes our solution unique

Dosecast is unique in 3 ways:

  • It provides real-time, accurate visibility into adherence.
    Dosecast’s central server collects and aggregates data on patient behavior, providing real-time visibility into adherence and remaining quantities.
  • It integrates with your existing apps & systems.
    Dosecast’s adherence functionality can be bolted-on to an existing app, customized to populate medications automatically for patients from your EMR, enable login using patient portal credentials, or extract adherence reports.
  • Patients love it and use it widely.
    The Dosecast app has been installed on over 500,000 devices, with an installed base growing at 20,000 devices a month. It consistently earns 5-star reviews in the App Store.
  • It is cost effective and easy to distribute.
    Dosecast costs $3 per patient per month and it can be easily distributed to patients at no cost to the patients themselves.

For more information on how Dosecast can help you reduce the impact of poor medication adherence among your patient base, contact us. To read more about Dosecast’s features for patients, click here.

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